why my village needs a youth and children’s centre.

My love for children to see them grow into responsible adults in God’s kingdom has always been at my heart. A child’s education is the difference between her success or failure in life. Most people agree with this, yet there is an unfortunate disparity between children’s education in the city and in the village. Children who go to school in the cities of Uganda are usually far better educated than their peers who school in the villages. They are more literate, as many village children cannot ever read and write. And this inequity in empowerment is limiting the futures of so many hopeful children in Ugandan’s village. I have seen so much hardship, including illiteracy and no hope for the future, in the children of my village. And as I watched this, I knew that I needed to do something about it. That’s why I am pursuing my Organisational Leadership degree with the plan to return home at the end of this year and found the Youth Centre.
The Youth Centre will welcome children and youth to access some of the things that they make not get from school like access reading materials, basic skills on how to use technology.
At the Centre, they will learn to play music and sports, read, and be read
to, and they will find capable adults who are ready to care for them and
nurture them. The benefits of the Youth Centre will be twofold: it will create
employment for adults in my village, and it will rescue kids from illiteracy and
give them a shining future.
But I can’t do this alone. I need your help to make these dreams come
true! YOU can change the lives of rural young people with even a small
donation: no gift is too small to make a difference!